Animals in Sport

Animals are used in a wide variety of cruel sports.

People often think that horse racing and greyhound racing are harmless sports that the animals enjoy. But the racing industries hide the truth about the suffering, injuries and early deaths that occur behind the scenes.

Fishing is often regarded as a gentle activity that puts people in touch with nature. But there is nothing gentle about spearing living creatures on a hook, dragging them out of the water, and leaving them struggling for life as they suffocate.

Hunting wild animals with packs of dogs was banned in 2004. The cruelty continues, however. It is still legal to send two hounds into a wood to ‘flush’ out foxes so that they can be shot, and terriers can still legally be set on foxes in their earth (underground home).

The process to try to make hunting with hounds legal again has begun. The Conservative-led coalition government has said that it intends to hold a free vote on whether to repeal the Hunting Act. However, there is a great deal of opposition to bringing back hunting.

Birds such as pheasants, partridges, ducks and grouse are reared so that people can pay to shoot them for fun.

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