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MINI-BIOGRAPHY Clifford Warwick CBiol FIBiol MIBI

Posted 15 December 2000

Clifford Warwick's qualifications are of the highest professional standard and have been granted specifically for research work in reptilian biology, and biological strategies.

His specialised areas of herpetology include normal ethology, captive reptile behavioural problems, and captivity-stress and stressors. Other research projects and publications include euthanasia, anatomy, physiology, wildlife biology, ecology, and species and environmental conservation.

He has recently been made a Fellow of the Institute of Biology for his 'distinction in biological research'. He is regarded by many to be the world's leading authority on captive reptile behavioural problems, and related issues.

Warwick has produced innumerable publications on reptile well-being, a substantial number of which are published in scientific journals and proceedings around the world. Among his publication projects is what is probably the definitive advanced scientific reference book on reptile health and welfare for which he was senior editor and which he co-edited with Prof. Fredric L. Frye (the world's leading authority on reptile medicine) and Dr. James B. Murphy.

Warwick is a biological consultant to no less than fifteen scientific, environmental and animal welfare organisations worldwide, as well as governmental departments and scientific advisory panels. In addition, Warwick provides regular specialist advice to veterinarians and independent scientists concerning captivity-related abnormalities and other issues.

In 1992 he received the Intervet/British Veterinary Association Animal Welfare Award.

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