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Posted 26 November 2003

National animal protection group, Animal Aid, will be outside the Council House, Homer Road, Solihull at midday on Thursday 27 November 2003 to present a 10,000 signature petition calling for a last minute halt to a giant bird market. Stars of the TV comedy 'Birds of a Feather' have also added their voice - Linda Robson and Pauline Quirk condemned the National Cage & Aviary Bird Sale, which has been licensed to sell up to 100,000 birds.

According to research by Animal Aid, the majority of the birds on sale will have been trapped in the wild. It can be reliably estimated that for every wild-caught bird who reaches the NEC, three others will have died during the brutal capture, storage and transportation process.

In their letter to Solihull Council, the stars write:

"Parrots will have been caught by brutal methods, often leaving abandoned baby birds to perish without their mothers to feed and protect them. Most birds destined for the pet trade will never be able to spread their wings at will. Their fate is a life of boredom, frustration and lonliness imprisoned inside a cage.

"It is not too late to give these birds their freedom. We urge you to withdraw the licence for the Birmingham NEC bird fair and encourage those with a true interest in birds to behold them in their natural habitat."

It is against the law to sell pet animals in a public place and Animal Aid will be reminding Solihull Council that it is not too late to revoke their licence for this illegal event. The only logical course for the Council, should they allow it to take place, will be to prosecute itself afterwards.

Local people have queued to sign the petition at regular protests outside the council offices and Animal Aid's campaign has received widespread support and interest from all over the world.

The National Cage & Aviary Birds Exhibition is due to take place on 6th and 7th December at the National Exhibition Centre.

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