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KILLING STOPS IN KINGS LYNN - A victory for common sense and animal welfare!

Posted 1 January 2002

Following pressure from Animal Aid and West Norfolk Animal Rights, local council pigeon culls have been suspended in Kings Lynn and West Norfolk. The local council has also been persuaded to seek advice from the Pigeon Control Advisory Service, which advocates humane control.

Pigeons in Kings Lynn use the town centre to roost and are sustained by the grain spillages at the many grain merchants' facilities - and also by deliberate public feeding in the town itself. The availability of food has artificially boosted pigeon numbers and, in response to this, the council trapped and shot pigeons over a number of years with no real success.

Animal Aid mailed out to all Kings Lynn councillors twice and West Norfolk Animal Rights lobbied hard with petitions and demonstrations. The cost-effectiveness and success of the pigeon cull were questioned as they were an ongoing burden on the local taxpayer.

Scientific research has proved conclusively that all lethal methods of pigeon control are totally ineffective in the medium and long-term. In areas where lethal control operations have been carried out it has been noted that, within a matter of weeks, pigeon numbers will have increased to pre-cull figures and, in most cases, will have exceeded them. Our view was also that the council was exhibiting a blatant disregard for animal welfare by employing lethal control methods - none of which are humane.


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