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CAMBRIDGE GEESE CULL - University under fire again

Posted 1 November 2003
Canada Goose

The following article about Cambridge University is from the ITV website, November 5 2003. Please read on to find out how you can help.

A Cambridge university college has been criticised by animal rights campaigners over plans to cull Canada geese.

St John's College said it has received complaints about the geese gathering in its grounds and disturbing the working life of the college. A spokesman said the college was "taking steps to reduce the population". But animal welfare group Animal Aid said Cambridge University should be setting an example and learn to live with the geese.

A St John's spokesman said: "Working within the official government guidelines for the management of Canada geese, for 18 months we have tried a number of methods to disperse and deter the birds. We are taking steps to reduce the population in a safe, humane and legal manner."

A spokesman for Animal Aid said the proposed cull may be legal but it was immoral. An Animal Aid spokesman said:"Colleges at Cambridge University should set an example. They should not be so uptight. They should learn to live with animals other than humans. Surely there must be another way to solve the problem than to simply kill the geese. Could they not clean up the lawns after the geese? Could they not perhaps plant more grass? My message is learn to coexist with animals not to kill them."

Students at the college say they will protest about the plans. A spokesman for the Cambridge University Animal Rights Society said: "If it is true I think it is disgraceful and shocking. May be it is the defecation people are objecting to but that is ridiculous. I am sure there are alternative ways of dealing with it if there is a problem."


  • Please contact the college to complain about the cull.
    Write to: The Burser, St John's College, St John's Street, Cambridge or phone 01223 338600.

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