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SPONSORED CYCLE RIDE - To save the ruddy ducks!

Posted 1 May 2003
Richard and Mark, looking forward to their sponsored cycle ride.

Richard Mountford outlines plans for a cycle ride to raise money for the ruddy duck campaign.

Although we are winning the battle for public opinion in the initiative to save ruddy ducks, at the time of going to press the Government still plans to 'eradicate' them. The campaign has to continue, and to help pay for it, fellow employee Mark White and I are planning a 100km sponsored cycle ride.

As the sponsor form points out, we are both well past our physical peak (such as it was) and this ride is not going to be easy. To make the exhaustion and pain worthwhile, please sponsor us if you can. If you can also persuade your family, friends and colleagues to donate, then please, please do so.

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