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Posted 12 October 2000

The official feed seller has lost his licence, but remember, it is not illegal to feed the pigeons. There are a small group of people feeding the pigeons every day but they desperately need help. Contact Julie at London Animal Action on 020 7652 0600. Information about the humane control of pigeons is available from PICAS.

Animal Aid, the UK's largest animal rights group, today condemn Ken Livingstone's decision to banish the licensed pigeon seed seller from Trafalgar Square as inept, cynical and callous. The sudden withdrawal of food will mean death for hundreds of juvenile and elderly pigeons.

Animal Aid also brands the move as undemocratic, given the promise to Authority members to consult humane pigeon control experts. These experts recommend a gradual, rather than overnight, withdrawal of food. The pressure group predicts that members of the public will continue feeding the birds but with unsuitable foodstuffs - much of which will be passed over and may result in a growth of the rat population.

It was in March of this year that Livingstone opened Animal Aid's Living Without Cruelty Exhibition - using the event as a platform to announce his pre-election aim to make London an 'animal cruelty-free zone'. This speech received widespread media coverage.

Yet, once elected mayor and before he has even been inaugurated, he has failed an important welfare and environmental test, citing unconvincing data on the supposed health risk to the human population posed by birds who have been an integral part of London's cultural and social landscape for longer than living memory.

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