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Badger cull delayed!

Posted 24 October 2012

The government announced this week that the cull of badgers, which was due to start imminently, will not take place this year. This is, in part, because the number of badgers in the pilot cull areas was recently found to be so much higher than previously thought. Some reports indicate that farmers were not prepared to pay for 70 per cent of them to be killed – the amount that the government argues must be killed in order to see a 16 per cent reduction of bovine tuberculosis in cows. Other reports indicate that the farmers were not confident that they could kill that many animals before the closed season.

We are delighted that the cull has been halted just as the first shot was due to be fired. However, the Secretary of State, Owen Paterson, has reiterated his determination to start the killing next summer. Team Badger – a coalition of all the UK's leading animal protection groups – remains committed to getting the cull scrapped for good.

The debate in the House of Commons will go ahead on Thursday 25th October.

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