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Northern Ireland Hunt found with live stags in their trailer

Posted 3 March 2011

A trailer registered to the County Down Hunt was seized by police and animal protection agency, USPCA, when it was found to be carrying two live stags, who - it is thought - were about to be released and hunted.

The practice, which is known as ‘carting’ is illegal and hunts have long denied it goes on. The two deer were tagged, which indicates that they were reared on a farm. The identifying numbers had, however, been removed.

Stephen Philpott from the USPCA said that this investigation had confirmed the charity's long-held suspicions. ‘The people that do it pretend that they don't. They would have you believe that the animals they hunt they have come across while out riding and that they are actually wild animals. We have believed for the last ten years that the animals aren't wild, but were being bred somewhere and then being brought solely and purposefully to be hunted by dogs and men on horseback and unfortunately it looks as though we were right.’

Read the BBC’s report here.

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