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Badger Cull to go Ahead

Posted 16 April 2010

A judge has today (April 16th) rejected a legal challenge to the Welsh Assembly's decision to cull badgers in Pembrokeshire. This means that the cull will begin in the coming weeks, and pre-baiting of traps - to encourage the badgers to enter them - has already begun.

Despite intense lobbying over many months, the badger cull cannot be stopped. Thousand of badgers will be killed to appease the farming lobby, which chooses to scapegoat wildlife rather than address the root causes of TB: the intensification of the dairy industry that leaves cows susceptible to infection, the inaccurate TB tests which allow infected cows to spread the disease further, and the movement of infected animals around the country.

Animal Aid supports Pembrokeshire Against the Cull (PAC) as it aims to expose the shocking reality of the Welsh badger cull. Animal Aid and PAC supporters will be out in the fields to monitor and record events through legal and peaceful means. The cull has been shrouded in secrecy and we aim to expose the reality of a mass badger cull.

See Cull Watch for more information.

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