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Posted 1 January 2001

This press release was issued by the Greater London Authority (GLA) on 17 January 2001.

The Mayor's new vision for Trafalgar Square is for a safe, less polluted space conducive to rest and refreshment and enlivened by activity and culture. As part of this vision for regeneration of the space a detailed review of licencing the sale of pigeon feed on the Square has been undertaken by the Deputy Mayor of London, Nicky Gavron.

She has decided that no licence will be issued for the sale of pigeon feed on Trafalgar Square. This decision comes as part of the wider plan for the future of Trafalgar Square, including a new management scheme, a programme of cultural events starting in March and the implementation of the pedestrianisation plans.

The GLA will implement a programme of phased withdrawal of feed from Trafalgar Square over a period of one month. This will minimise any possible distress to the pigeons and ensure they are able to adjust to the change and seek food elsewhere.

The Deputy Mayor commented:

'My decision not to issue a licence isn't intended to remove all pigeons, but rather to reduce numbers to a level where conflict between them and the new activities will be minimised. I am keen to see more people using the Square, but this isn't possible with the current high number of birds. With pedestrianisation plans creating better access to the square and a series of culturally diverse events planned, a new vision for the Square will appear for tourists and Londoners alike to enjoy.'

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