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THEY'RE BACK - The badger killers

Posted 1 October 2002

A badger. Credit: Steve JacksonWith the ending of the foot and mouth emergency, the government (DEFRA) is once more trapping and killing badgers as part of its bogus 'research' project in the campaign against bovine TB.

Rather than pointing to increasingly intensive cattle production systems as the cause of the TB epidemic, badgers are being blamed and ruthlessly targeted. In fact, the Welsh Assembly's Rural Affairs Minister, Carwyn Jones, told a recent farmers' conference that "while many farmers blamed the badger for the spread of the disease there was no concrete proof of a link, and there was some historical evidence that badger culling did not work". (Farmers Weekly, June 7.)

Jones went on to inform the conference about "a farmer who told him he had [illegally] culled all the badgers on his farm and poured slurry down their setts".


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