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IMPORTANT NEW SURVEY - Does hospital food pass the veggie test?

Posted 1 October 2003
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Animal Aid's campaign to ensure that vegetarians and vegans are properly catered for takes another step forward with the launch of an important new initiative - a survey to assess the provision of animal-free foods for people who are in hospital because they are unwell or giving birth.

The findings will be published to mark the start of Veggie Month, the celebration of the delights of vegetarian and vegan living that has been staged by Animal Aid throughout the month of March every year since 1990. Veggie Month is now supported by thousands of health centres, food shops, restaurants, libraries, schools and businesses all over the UK.

The potential significance of the new hospital survey can be judged by the impact that our previous two polls have had - one of which looked at provision for veggie children in schools, while the other examined the support and pressures experienced by parents raising their children on an animal-free diet. Both surveys sparked much public and media debate, and they inspired a substantial number of requests for our special school catering packs.

In order to get the best possible picture of hospital catering, we need lots of people to fill in our brief questionnaire. It is aimed at veggies who have been hospital in-patients at some point during the past two years. Please also pass on copies to friends and family members.

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