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IT'S VEGGIE MONTH! - Let's celebrate!

Posted 1 March 2004

March is Animal Aid's Veggie Month. This year, our annual celebration of the delights of veggie and vegan lifestyles promises to be especially exciting and provides plenty of opportunity for you to get involved too!

Results of new survey: See how well veggies are provided for in hospital

Our new report Nil by Mouth: an Animal Aid UK-wide survey of vegetarian and vegan meals in hospitals reveals the results of our new important survey designed to find out how well hospitals provide for non-meat-eaters who are inpatients because they are unwell or giving birth. This is part of Animal Aids continuing campaign to ensure that these diets are catered for properly in all public sector areas. Click here to read the report.

Vote for the veggie greats

Animal Aid's new poll aims to show the vital contribution that vegetarians have made to science, literature, art, philosophy, entertainment, music, sport, history and politics. Who is the greatest vegetarian ever? Is it Tolstoy or Martina Navratilova? Moby or Leonardo da Vinci? Our 12 nominees represent the different areas of life in which vegetarians have excelled. Place your votes online now!

More veggie month action

Veggie Month is a fantastic opportunity for groups and individuals to spread the veggie message in their local towns and communities. It is not too late to arrange a stall or library display. You could encourage a local restaurant to do a veggie night, or else get your nearest veggie restaurant or health shop to do veggie special offers. Dont forget to write into your local papers telling them all about your Veggie Month events. We will pleased to help with any mail-outs to advertise your initiative to our local supporters, and will provide sample press releases if needed.

If you are not veggie, why not try taking the veggie pledge? Refrain from eating meat and meat products for one week. If you are already veggie you could take this to the next step and become vegan.

Click here for scrumptious nutritious veggie recipes.

Click here to send for a free veggie pack - it's crammed with tips on how to go veggie and full of exciting and delicious veggie recipes. For more on going veggie, see our special Veggie Month pages.

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