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Soya Milk Revolution!

Posted 1 August 2005
Dairy cow

Soya in! Dairy out!

A recent report on the global dairy market (The World Market for Dairy Products. Euromonitor, 2005) shows yet more evidence of the growth of soya. Amongst all dairy and dairy-related products in the western European market, soya milk has grown the fastest over the last six years. The value of the market has more than doubled, states the report. The popularity of soya milk has grown as a result of consumer health trends and new fears over lactose intolerance. (Lactose is a sugar found in dairy milk, to which 75% of the world's population react badly. They suffer from gastrointestinal symptoms including flatulence, bloating, cramps and diarrhoea.)

Many people are now recognising the health and nutritional benefits of soya, which is high in fibre, protein and minerals and low in saturated fat. It is also free from cholesterol, unlike cow's milk. Soya milk has been promoted as reducing the risk of many diseases, including breast and prostate cancer, colon disorders, osteoporosis and heart problems - illnesses that have actually been linked to the consumption of cow's milk. No wonder the health-conscious consumer is choosing soya!

And let's not forget the fact that soya milk is a cruelty-free product unlike its dairy equivalent. Cows are repeatedly made pregnant and then have their calves stolen from them at just a few days old, so that the milk meant for their young can be consumed by humans. The fate of these low or zero-value 'by-products' is one that the dairy industry likes to keep hidden, but a recent article in Farmers Guardian clearly revealed the extent of the wastage when it reported that 100,000 calves were killed in 2004. 2005 figures show that the number is increasing.

Find out more about the dark secrets of the dairy industry in Animal Aid's new milk leaflet - Sour Taste Farm and accompanying factsheets - The Facts about Milk, Animal Products and Human Health and The suffering of farmed cattle.

With the odds stacked up against cow's milk there is even more reason to make the switch to a non-dairy diet. Animal Aid is here to make that switch as simple as possible, and it really is easy thanks to the growing number of delicious and nutritious products that are available. Click here to send for your FREE dairy-free pack.

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