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Posted 1 August 2005

Urgent action needed: help HIPPO (Help International Plant Protein Organisation) to provide vegetarian famine relief.

As the crisis in Niger worsens, with millions on the brink of starving to death, Animal Aid lends its support to a small but effective aid agency known as HIPPO, which is committed to providing nutritious, vegan famine relief.

Severe drought and a locust-invasion that decimated crops have resulted in a food shortage in Niger of epic proportions. As we watch news footage of skeletal figures eating rats, parched grass and desperately picking at maggot-infested livestock carcasses, it is hard for us to imagine the horror these people are facing.

Many starving people from Niger are massing near the border with Nigeria. In conjunction with the Nigerian Vegetarian Society, HIPPO is appealing for funds to provide them with nutritious vegetarian food.

Millions of lives are hanging in the balance and urgent action is needed to keep people alive. In the short-term, this means food. In the long term, it means sustainable agriculture.

The arguments about how best to grow crops in hostile environments and to counter the ravaging effects of drought are complex. Before the true scale of the Niger famine hit the headlines, Animal Aid publicly criticised three key aid agencies’ policy of ‘donating’ livestock to Africa. We highlighted the inefficiency and wastage of rearing animals for meat in areas in which water and other resources are at a premium. Why give precious water and crops to animals, who are then killed for their meat, when the water and food could go to people directly?

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HIPPO promotes animal-free farming in developing countries, which is the most efficient way of producing food for human consumption, such as by providing seeds, tools and equipment for growing and milling soya beans. In Lagos, Nigeria, HIPPO supports a vegetarian street feeding programme. The charity also provides food for two vegetarian orphanages in Kenya, and for a community project (African Food Bank). HIPPO has helped to develop the sustainable, organic, non-GM, production of crops, especially pulses, in Kenya, Malawi and Ethiopia and has assisted a soya food processing plant in Uganda. HIPPO also sends high protein vegetarian foods to orphanages in Romania and Croatia.

Please support HIPPO. Lives depend on it.

Donations should be in the form of cheques made payable to HIPPO and sent to:
HIPPO, Churchfield House, Weston Under Penyard, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, HR9 7PA Email:

For more information about HIPPO, click here.

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