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Thom Yorke of Radiohead on why veggie is best

Posted 1 May 2005
Thom Yorke

Thom Yorke of Radiohead - a long-time vegetarian - features in Animal Aid's cutting-edge film, Eat This!, which explores the reality behind the livestock industry and the ethics of eating meat.

We are thrilled to have Thom's support, as he is known for guarding his privacy and picking his causes carefully. A passionate anti-war spokesperson, fair trade advocate and environmental campaigner - this is the first time he has gone on camera to discuss such a personal topic.

Thom revealed to Animal Aid the reasons he stopped eating meat:

"A list of things I guess... first thing was Meat is Murder [a song by legendary band The Smiths]. The second thing was getting sick all the time every time I ate meat - getting sick a lot... and the third thing was I started going out with this girl and I wanted to impress her so I pretended I'd been vegetarian all along... and I immediately felt a lot better, a lot healthier. I was concerned, as many people are, about that 'you're not going to get all the things you need in your diet, you're going to get sick all the time', but the exact opposite happened to me, so I never looked back. It was never a problem straight off."

Asked whether teenagers - the target audience of Eat This! - should care about factory farming, Thom retorts, "Yeah, they should care that society deems it necessary to create this level of suffering in order for them to eat food that they don't need, they should care about that. There is enough suffering in the world and if you choose to physically ingest it, then you should at least be aware of what you're doing rather than assuming that that's your right as a human being to do it."

Fatima interviews Thom

In his interview, Thom outlined his dislike of big supermarket chains, his concern over antibiotics in meat, his disgust at the thought of consuming the products of cruelty and suffering, and his sympathy for animals reared in factory farms for food.

He concludes simply, with "Why the hell would you still wanna eat meat?!"

Follow in Thom's footsteps and help us change this world for the better. By going veggie, you have the power to stop suffering and to save lives.

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