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Veggie, the next generation

Posted 1 March 2005
Veggie resources

Getting the vegetarian message across to youngsters is one of the most important tasks of the Animal Aid Education Department.

The phrase 'the future is in their hands' may be a cliché, but it is also very true. It is only by influencing the attitudes and behaviour of today's youngsters that we will create a better future for animals.

A large proportion of students first learn about vegetarianism in Food & Technology lessons. GCSE examination boards require them to know about the needs of people on a vegetarian diet (OCG exam board); have an understanding of the influence of different cultures on the design of food products (Edexcel exam board); and to consider the wider moral and environmental implications (AQA exam board). Topics frequently studied include vegetarian nutrition, alternative sources of protein, the food preferences of various cultures and the different methods used to rear farmed animals.

Countering the meat industry propaganda

The British Meat Education Service (BMES) - the education wing of the Meat and Livestock Commission - takes every opportunity to promote animal products in schools. It supplies a whole raft of free education resources to Food Technology teachers, including videos, posters, study packs and worksheets. Its website claims that the organisation is 'committed to being the most innovative, informative and trustworthy industrial sponsor of food-related education in Britain'.


Even though we cannot compete with the financial resources of the BMES, we do our best to counter its pro-meat propaganda. Last year we mailed out to more than 2,000 Food Technology teachers, offering school talks on vegetarianism, plus a wide variety of free resources. We had a massive response. Our network of volunteer school speakers was kept busy giving more than 200 school talks to classes of various ages and sizes. Also, hundreds of copies of student factsheets, information booklets, posters and wall charts were requested and supplied.

Our ground-breaking new video

For Veggie Month this year we will again be mailing out to thousands of Food Technology teachers offering school talks and resources. We will also be promoting our exciting, innovative new educational video, Eat This!, scheduled for release soon. It examines how food is produced and why some people choose to adopt a humane, meat-free diet. It will be supplied free to schools in a package that will also contain teachers' background notes and a student activities booklet. The latter will include worksheets and lesson plans. There will also be a dedicated Eat This! website, where students will be able to examine issues in more detail.

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Selected resources are available free to schools during Veggie Month - for more details see the education section.

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