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Day of Action for Fish - Saturday 3rd August

Posted 16 July 2013

On Saturday 3rd August, Animal Aid and Viva! are holding a joint Day of Action for Fish and we’d really like you to help us show the public that sea creatures suffer and encourage people to stop eating them.

Scientists agree that fish – as well as crustaceans like crab, shrimp and lobsters, and cephalopods, such as octopus and squid – experience pain and suffering in much the same way as land animals, yet there are hardly any laws protecting them from harm. Both wild-caught and farmed fish suffer greatly at the hands of people and, unlike most other animals killed for food, are often slaughtered without pre-stunning and may take a long time to die.

So many fish are killed that their numbers are not counted, only their weight in tonnes.

To help you spread the word, Animal Aid has created some new resources especially for the day, including a new report called ‘Dark Waters’, which details why the fishing industry is bad for animals, people and the environment. We also have a new leaflet – ‘Killed in Cold Blood’ – that makes the case why people should stop eating fish. You can order these and other resources for the Day of Action for Fish using this online form.

There are many ways you can take part in the Day of Action for Fish, but here are a few suggestions:
- Hold an aquatic themed stall in your high street – with fish and seaweed decorations – where you can display our campaign literature
- Hire or make a pirate, mermaid or sailor costume and hand out leaflets
- Write to your local newspaper about the suffering of fish killed for food
- Order some of our A4 posters to put on notice boards
- Cook some VBites (previously Redwoods) Fish-Style Fingers for friends and family to show there are delicious, cruelty-free alternatives

Why not get together with some friends and come up with your own ideas of what you could do? We’d be happy to help you draft and send a media release – just get in touch!

For more information or to order resources, please contact or call 01732 364546 ext 227.

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