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National Newspaper Headlines Proclaim Eat Less Meat!

Posted 4 June 2013

The front cover of today’s Daily Mail is dominated by an article titled Eat Less Meat or Face Food Shortage, whilst the Daily Express leads with Veg Diet Key to Living Longer.

The information on which these pro-vegetarian headlines are based adds further weight to the rapidly growing body of evidence that underlines both the health and environmental benefits of eating less – or no – meat.

When articles such as these appear in the national press, please endorse the animal-free diet both online in comments sections and through submitting letters to the editor. Please also forward the information via your social media networks.

Calling the global surge in meat and cheese consumption ‘unsustainable’, pork, lamb and beef should be ‘occasional’ indulgences rather than dinner-table staples, the House of Commons International Development Committee has determined, as reported in the Daily Mail. ‘With the UK never more than a few days away from a significant food shortage’, says its Chair, Sir Malcolm Bruce, ‘UK consumers should… be encouraged over time to reduce how often they eat meat’.

Inside the same issue is another article related to the problems of the meat and dairy industry. Are farm animals to blame for the rise of superbugs? asks its headline, with the article going on to outline the alarming increase in antibiotic resistance, and the theory that their over-use in farmed animals is the cause. ‘Half of antibiotics used in this country go to animals, and experts fear farms are breeding grounds for antibiotic-resistant drugs… Ten years ago, a parliamentary committee warned that too many antibiotics were being used on farms, but the same quantities are still being used,’ it reports. The article concludes with a chilling statement from the head of the UK Sepsis Trust, Dr Ron Daniels, who says: ‘The relative lack of regulation around the way antibiotics are used on animals is costing human lives’. Animal Aid has produced a report on this very issue, Is Factory Farming Making You Sick?, which presents the human consequences of intensive animal farming.

Meanwhile, the Express has chosen new research from Loma Linda University in California as its lead article. Analysis of the lives of more than 70,000 people has found that vegetarians were 12 per cent less likely to have died during a six-year follow-up period than their meat-eating counterparts. ‘These results demonstrate an overall association of vegetarian dietary patterns with lower mortality compared with the non-vegetarian dietary pattern’, said Dr Michael Orlich, who led the study. Men, in particular, receive the most benefit from eating a veggie diet, as it significantly reduces their chances of succumbing to heart disease.

The body of evidence that makes evident the folly – and danger – of factory farming animals for meat and dairy products continues to build.

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