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Help spread the Veggie Month message

Posted 24 February 2012

To mark National Veggie Month Animal Aid has sent an unusual vegetable to selected national and regional radio presenters to highlight how exotic, varied and full of flavour the vegetarian diet can be. We hope that it will spark some on air discussion.

The DJs will receive either a romanesco cauliflower, kohlrabi, globe artichoke or fennel with a tag attached that reads: ‘Eat me! And Go Meat-Free!’. In addition to the vegetable they will find a recipe so that they can cook it, some information about it and some interesting facts about vegetables that they could run as a quiz.

You can help to encourage the presenters to mention Veggie Month by emailing and texting your local station asking them to look out for their Veggie Month gift. See the list below to see if we’ve sent one to a station in your area.

View images of the vegetable gifts

Radio stations receiving gifts:

National stations:

Regional stations

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