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Posted 5 October 2010

Vegan Month in November is a great opportunity to promote veganism in your local area. Please start thinking about how you can get involved. Below are just some ideas.

Organise a film showing

To launch this important initiative, Animal Aid is producing a new three-minute film to highlight the suffering of cows in the dairy industry and what people can do to make a difference - go vegan! Produced by a leading ethical design company, the film will trace the development of the modern industry, from its origins in the quest to improve food self-sufficiency at the end of the Second World War, to the emergence of massive zero-grazing units today. It will contrast the harsh lives endured by modern dairy cows with footage that shows luckier cows enjoying their lives in animal sanctuaries. And, most importantly, it will highlight the many tasty and nutritious alternatives to dairy products that are now available proving that milk, and other dairy products, are not a necessity for a healthy diet.

Perhaps your local community centre, church hall, library, veggie café or other suitable location, will let you put up a screen. As the film is only a few minutes long, you could put on a spread of free vegan food and hand out free vegan recipe booklets, which Animal Aid would supply. You could even do a short cookery demo. Animal Aid might also be able to send a representative to give a short talk about veganism and answer any questions following the film. Of course, you might be happy to do this instead. If you would like to organise a film showing, or you would like a copy of the DVD to show on a street stall or other event, please contact Kelly.


If you email frequently, or have your own blog, newsletter or website, don’t forget that you can help to promote Vegan Month by including one of our cute web banners in your email signature or online. See the resources page of the Vegan Month website for a choice of designs. We also have ‘Send for a Vegan Pack’ business-sized cards that are available with small stands, ideal for placing in veggie cafés, health food shops or libraries. Animal Aid can provide (free of charge) a variety of leaflets for information stalls and/or library displays, as well as a colourful A2 Love Life - Be Vegan poster. To accompany the leaflets we have our popular ‘I can’t believe it’s…vegan!’ booklet. Contact Kelly. to order your resources.

Vegan outreach

In addition, or instead of a film showing, you might like to consider other ways in which you can help to promote veganism during November and in the future. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Free food street stall in your local high street or shopping centre (with permission).
  • Free vegan food fayre.
  • Library display.
  • Hold a vegan bake sale and raise money for Animal Aid - ask for permission to have a stall at your local supermarket, garden centre, library, community centre, college/university, workplace etc.
  • Ask your local veggie restaurant to have a vegan night.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper letting everyone know it’s Vegan Month.
  • Challenge local journalists to go vegan for the month and write about it in their publication. Or ask them to write a piece about you and your vegan friends or family.
  • Invite non-vegan friends and family for a meal.
  • Organise a cookery demo.
  • Borrow Animal Aid’s cow or chicken costumes for a demo or when handing out vegan literature.

For more information about any of the above, please contact Kelly.

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