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United Nations urges global move to a plant-based diet

Posted 3 June 2010

In time for World Environment Day on Saturday 5th June, a major new United Nations report has been released that concludes the only way to save the world from hunger and the worst impacts of climate change is to move away from animal products.

The report, which will be presented to world governments, was produced by the United Nations Environment Programme's (UNEP) International Panel of Sustainable Resource Management. Achim Steiner, the UNEP Executive Director, has declared that ordinary consumers can help fight climate change by eating less meat. The Panel reviewed all of the available science and concluded that two broad areas are currently having a disproportionately high impact on people and the planet’s life support systems. These are energy, in the form of fossil fuels, and agriculture, especially the raising of farmed animals for meat and dairy products.

Farmed animals compete with people for precious resources such as food and water. At least half of the world’s harvest is fed to farmed animals and the most efficient form of animal agriculture uses far more water per kilogram of food produced than the most water-intensive plant crop.

By reducing your consumption of animal products and working towards a plant-based diet, you will not only be helping to protect the planet, but also saving the lives of thousands of farmed animals. And it’s easy too. But for those who fear it may be too challenging, Achim Steiner points out that it may prove even more challenging for everyone if we continue along the current path into the coming decades.

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