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March is Veggie Month

Posted 26 February 2010

March is Veggie Month - the perfect time to consider the impact that your food choices have on animals, your health and the environment.

According to the United Nations, the farming and slaughtering of animals rates as one of the top three causes of all the major environmental problems confronting the world, including climate change. Animal Aid’s newly launched Meat-Free Monday film highlights the benefits of a vegetarian diet on the planet and encourages individuals to start with at least one meat-free day a week. Climate change is not the only important issue that can be addressed by reducing our consumption of animal products. Global food security is another. More than one third of the world’s cereals are currently fed to farmed animals, a figure which is expected to rise to 50 per cent by 2050. The resources required to produce food for one average meat-eater could feed as many as ten people on a plant-based diet.

There is also a compelling body of evidence - stretching back over decades - to suggest that a veggie diet reduces the risk of contracting some serious diseases. For example, a 2009 epidemiological study published in the British Journal of Cancer, found that vegetarians developed notably fewer cancers of the blood, bladder and stomach.

The average meat-eater consumes around 11,000 animals in their lifetime. Most will have been raised in crowded conditions in which disease is rife. But all animal farming, whether it’s called intensive, free-range or organic, involves animal suffering. And all die an early, terrifying death at the slaughterhouse, as illustrated by Animal Aid’s most recent organic slaughterhouse investigation.

Says Kelly Slade, Veggie Month Coordinator:

Going veggie is easy, as high street shops and supermarkets now stock a wide range of delicious meat-free products. And with the help of Animal Aid’s FREE Guide to Going Veggie - full of shopping tips, recipes and nutritional information - you can’t go wrong. There really is no excuse not to try this healthy and ethical lifestyle.

Veggie Month is supported by libraries and health food shops throughout the country. Waterstones bookshops are also supporting the initiative by distributing free to their customers Animal Aid’s ‘Go Veggie’ bookmarks.

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