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Wendy the Windy Cow makes appearance on Fourth Plinth

Posted 29 July 2009

On Tuesday 28th July, Animal Aid’s council member, Brian Jacobs, was lucky enough to get an hour slot on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square. Dressed in our Wendy the Windy Cow costume and with a banner reading 'Meat Kills! Go Veggie', Brian danced his way through various veggie themed songs to promote a meat-free diet.

Watch Brian on the plinth

Wendy the Windy Cow highlights the significant effect that farming and slaughtering animals has on today's greatest environmental problems, in particular climate change. Simply starting with one meat-free day a week, is, therefore, an easy action that each of us can take to greatly reduce our own contribution to climate change and help to ensure that we, and the planet we live on, have a future.

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