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March is Meat-Free Month

Posted 27 February 2009

March is Meat-Free Month - an annual initiative promoting the positive benefits of a meat-free diet. It is the perfect opportunity for people who are looking to reduce their meat consumption - due to ethical, environmental or health concerns - to break the meat habit and try some of the many meatless food products available in high street shops and supermarkets.

When it comes to buying food, price has always been an important consideration. With the global economic crisis hitting many family budgets, there's now, more than ever, a need to consider seriously the cost of the food we eat. To launch Meat-Free Month 2009, Animal Aid has produced a new 40-page, richly illustrated booklet - 'Meat-Free! Feed four for under a fiver' - which reveals the hidden costs of meat that do not show up at the check-out but are paid for through public taxes, by the planet, through long-term health problems and, of course, by the animals.

The booklet - which is available on request, free of charge - offers up easy-to-make, tasty, nutritious, family sized, meat-free meals for under five pounds. With contributions by well-known vegetarian cook Rose Elliot, the recipes have an international theme and include common favourites such as chilli, curry and shepherd’s pie, as well as West African stew and American pot pie. And with top tips to keep food costs down, this is a must-have for every cook in the family.

During the month, Animal Aid’s new Meat-Free booklet will be distributed through the 90 high-street stores of LUSH, the ethical and vegetarian toiletries and cosmetics retailer. Special events will also be taking place at many of the LUSH stores, with Animal Aid supporters promoting the booklet and offering meat-free samples from Redwood Food Company - specialists in animal-free foods.

Says Meat-Free Month Coordinator, Kelly Slade:

Going meat-free doesn’t have to be expensive and, with the help of Animal Aid’s new recipe booklet, families can turn all their favourite meals meat-free for under a fiver. As well as keeping the costs down, the meat-free diet can help individuals live longer and healthier lives, as vegetarians tend to have lower rates of diet-related diseases, such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. Cutting out meat can also reduce a person’s carbon footprint and, of course, help to end animal suffering. Everybody wins!

Meat-Free Month is supported by thousands of libraries and health food shops throughout the country. Waterstones bookshops are also supporting the initiative by distributing free to their customers Animal Aid’s 'Go Veggie' bookmarks. And Linda McCartney Foods is donating a hamper full of meat-free goodies as a prize in Animal Aid’s competition, which can be entered through the Meat-Free Month website.

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