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Love Animals? Then don't eat them!

Posted 12 February 2009

Have a heart for animals this Valentine's Day and save lives by going veggie! We claim to be a nation of animal lovers and yet we allow animals to be crammed into barren, overcrowded cages and sheds where they endure a life of suffering before a terrifying slaughterhouse death, just to satisfy our desire for meat, eggs and dairy products.

There is no need for us to consume animal products - a balanced vegetarian or vegan diet can provide us with all the essential nutrients, and has been shown to have some great health benefits. Vegetarians tend to have a longer life expectancy than meat eaters, and lower rates of coronary heart disease, high blood pressure and certain cancers. They also tend to be slimmer, which is great for those romantic Valentine’s Day dates!

An animal-free diet is also much better for the environment, as it uses up far less land, energy and water - so would actually increase our capacity to feed the world's human population as well.

So this Saturday cut out the animal products and make your romantic meal a compassionate one as well!

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