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Boris Challenged to Go Vegan!

Posted 30 May 2008

The Love London festival is the capital’s greenest annual event and runs from June 1st-21st. As part of the celebration, national campaign group, Animal Aid, has challenged the new Mayor of London to go vegan for all, or part, of the festival. In doing so, says Animal Aid, Boris Johnson will be sending a positive signal to London residents who want to live sustainable lives and contribute towards a greener capital.

Camden Council has already taken the lead in encouraging its staff to help the environment with its proposal to cut meat and dairy products from the canteen. The council’s initiative was prompted by a recent United Nations report, which states that animal farming is responsible for 18 per cent of all global greenhouse gas emissions – more than road and air travel combined. Cutting out animal products can reduce the carbon impact of an individual’s diet by 60 per cent.

In Animal Aid's letter to the Mayor, the organisation also points out that plant-based agriculture is far more efficient. It uses less than a quarter of the land required for a meat-based diet, as the food grown is fed directly to humans. Considering the current food crisis and the fact that one in three people go hungry, it is scandalous that half of the global food harvest is fed to farmed animals.

Says Vegan Campaigns Officer Kelly Slade:

'Switching to a vegan diet is the single most effective step any individual can take to combat climate change and environmental degradation. It is simple, as just about every food made from dairy products or eggs has an animal-free alternative available in high street shops and supermarkets. And to make it even easier, Animal Aid has produced a website with delicious, simple recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner for every day of the Love London festival.'

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