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Wendy the Windy Cow went to Norwich

Posted 5 November 2007

On Saturday November 3rd, Animal Aid took Wendy the Windy Cow to Norwich. The aim? To highlight the massive contribution to climate change caused by animal farming. Wendy's next stop will be Midland Vegan Campaign's free vegan food fair in Kings Heath, Birmingham on Sat 10th November.

One of the most potent climate changing gases is methane, which is expelled in vast quantities by cows like Wendy. Methane has 21 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide. In fact, all animal farming contributes significantly to the problem of climate change. A 2006 report by the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation stated that the livestock industry is responsible for 18 per cent of all global greenhouse gas emissions - more than road and air travel combined.

Throughout November - designated by Animal Aid as the first ever Vegan* Month - Wendy the Windy Cow will be (there is no other word for it) farting her way across the country, and encouraging people to adopt a diet that is kinder to animals and the environment. Local activists from Norwich joined Wendy in handing out leaflets to passers-by and asking them to take the Veggie or Vegan Challenge. Those who accepted the challenge were given a fabulous, colourful guide, which contains information on nutrition and ‘green’ shopping, and also features some tasty recipes. Photographs of the ‘Veggie Challengers taken with Wendy will appear on the Vegan Month website.

Says Animal Aid Campaigns Officer, Kelly Slade:

‘Wendy travelled to Norwich on Saturday to bring an important message, plus put a smile to the faces to the people of this fine city. Her message is that you can eat ethically, healthily and be friendly to the environment without compromising on taste. Livestock farming is a massive contributor to climate change and yet there is a world of delicious foods out there that don’t cost the earth.’

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