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The Future is Vegan

Posted 30 October 2007

November is Vegan Month! Animal Aid is the pioneer of the UK’s first month dedicated to the ethical lifestyle and diet of veganism.

The month kicks off with Wendy the Windy Cow, who will be (there is no other word for it) farting her way around seven major UK cities to highlight the negative effect that animal farming has on climate change. Wendy will be launching Vegan Month in Winchester, which recently topped the WWF’s poll of cities with the largest ecological footprint. Winchester's inhabitants will be urged to take the Vegan Challenge for a day, a week or the whole month.

On hand to support Britain’s budding vegans is Animal Aid's FREE new 32-page guide, 'I can’t believe it’s…vegan!'. It includes nutritional information, shopping tips and tasty recipes. Local Animal Aid groups will also be holding free vegan food fairs throughout the month, where the public can sample an array of tasty, non-animal foods.

Vegans omit all animal products from their meals, including meat, fish, eggs, dairy and honey. The most popular reason for going vegan is concern for animals. Millions of male chicks and calves are killed every year. They are deemed ‘useless’ because they cannot lay eggs or produce milk. Another good reason is that those who consume 100% plant-based diets have reduced rates of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and some cancers compared with meat-eaters.

Says Vegan Month Co-ordinator Kelly Slade:

‘Veganism is the delicious, healthy and ethical diet of the future, and that’s why we’re launching Vegan Month this November with events, free info and give-aways to tempt your taste buds. Just about every food made from dairy products or eggs - including milk, ice cream, yoghurt and cakes - has a cruelty-free alternative. And those products are easily available in high street shops and supermarkets, there has never been a better time to give veganism a go.’

Veganism has become increasingly fashionable since the recent publication of ‘Skinny Bitch’ - a vegan diet book aimed at savvy women. It’s sales shot up when Victoria Beckham was seen carrying a copy.

Say Skinny Bitch authors. Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin:

‘We were overjoyed to hear about the launch of Animal Aid’s Vegan Month. If there’s ever been a time to get in shape, show respect for our fellow animals, and help protect the planet, it’s now! Going vegan is the best thing you can do for your health and for the environment. And you can feel good about not contributing to the appalling, degrading existences and agonising deaths of farmed animals. So get off the couch and get in touch with Animal Aid for a free Go Vegan pack, including quick, easy recipes; tons of health information; and buckets of motivation to get you started. It'll be the best decision you ever make in your entire life.’

Background Info on Veganism

  • There are approx. 345,000 vegans in the UK. (Food Standards Agency, ‘Consumer attitudes to food standards’, 2005).
  • In 2007, sales of meat-free products hit £700 million for the first time, a 7.2% rise on the 2005 figure.

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