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Climate Camp & veganism

Posted 20 August 2007

This week, a thousand activists converged at the Climate Camp near Heathrow airport to raise awareness of the ecological emergency posed by climate change. The focus of the camp this year was aviation, which is widely-known to be a massive emitter of greenhouse gases. But there is much less awareness of the climate threat posed by animal farming, despite the fact that the industry is responsible for more emissions than all transport put together. Animal Aid went to the camp to make the point.

Many of the activists at the camp recognised the role of veganism as a way of reducing an individual's carbon footprint and all food at the site was vegan. But this message didn't make it into media coverage of the camp.

Last year's climate camp targeted Drax power station. This year aviation was the focus. We hope that the 2008 camp picks an animal farming industry 'target' so as to help remedy the current blindspot in the public debate.

Animal farming generates 37% of methane, and 65% of nitrous oxide emissions - two key greenhouse gases. Normally the focus is on carbon dioxide, but methane is 23 times more potent and nitrous oxide is 296 times more potent. In all, livestock farming is responsible for emitting more greenhouse gases than the whole of the global transport sector.

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