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Cancer alert over dye used to colour sausages and burgers

Posted 17 July 2007

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) announced recently that it could no longer guarantee a safe daily limit for consumers to eat meat containing the colourant, Red 2G, also know as E128. This dye is used mainly in Britain and the Irish Republic for meat products sold at the cheaper end of the market, especially burgers and sausages. However, an independent food safety consultant stated that the alert applies to all meat sausages and burgers. Red 2G is part of the ‘azo’ family of dyes, which are extracted and modified from cold tar and have been linked to cancer for many years. Raw meat oxidises to a brown colour, so the red dye is put into the meat to make it look ‘fresh’.

Why risk cancer and all the other health problems associated with the consumption of meat (including heart disease, stroke and diabetes) when there are plenty of tasty, non-toxic veggie alternatives available? Try Redwood’s Lincolnshire style sage & marjoram or oregano & basil sausages. Or FRY’s country herb and hot dog style sausages. And of course, the Linda McCartney range of meat-free products is available in most supermarket chains.

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