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Posted 7 February 2004

New poll launched

A unique light-hearted poll to establish the greatest ever vegetarian is launched on February 7. Over a two month period - including Animal Aid's annual Veggie Month in March - the public are invited to choose from a list of 12 nominees, ranging from historical figures Leonardo Da Vinci, Gandhi and Tolstoy, to contemporaries such as tennis legend Martina Navratilova and rock musician Moby. Ballot forms are available either online or by post.

The final 12 have been chosen to reflect different eras and the wide range of human endeavours in which vegetarians have excelled. They include musicians, philosophers, scientists, politicians, poets, novelists, artists and entertainers. Votes are sought from vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

According to Animal Aid spokesperson Mark Gold:

"As with all similar polls, the choices are in some ways ridiculous, so we don't want anybody to take the comparisons too seriously. Clearly it is impossible to make a real choice between Shelley and Linda McCartney, or Spike Milligan and Albert Einstein. It is all meant to be fun!

"Nevertheless, our ballot does have an important function, too. We want to prove not only that some of the most influential human achievements have been made by vegetarians, but also that not eating meat was essential to their vision of the world and the possibilities of a less violent future. We hope that what they have had to say on the subject proves challenging and thought-provoking for everyone."

Notes to Editors

  • For more information contact Mark Gold on 0845 4581033 or Ajaye Curry on 01732 364546.

  • The poll to find the Greatest Vegetarian runs from February 7 - April 10 2004. Results to be published later in the spring.

  • The 12 finalists are: Plutarch, Leonardo da Vinci, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Leo Tolstoy, Albert Einstein, Mohandas Gandhi, Dr Albert Schweitzer, Spike Milligan, Linda McCartney, Martina Navratilova, Benjamin Zephaniah and Moby.

  • Read biographical details of the nominees, plus quotes and details of how to vote.

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