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Sainsbury's confirm vegan labelling

Posted 12 January 2007

Recently there has been concern that the Sainsbury's supermarket chain was re-considering labelling its products as 'suitable for vegans'. Upon querying a product, a member of the public was told labelling vegan and vegetarian products was not high on its list of priorities and the current vegan and vegetarian information would be removed to provide more space on packaging for allergy advice.

Sainsbury's has now issued an official statement apologising for any confusion and reiterating its policy on vegan labelling as below:

Sainsbury's said: "It is Sainsbury's policy to label products that are suitable for vegans, as 'suitable for vegetarians and vegans', using the Sainsbury's vegetarian and vegan logo.

The only exceptions are those groups of products, which are obviously vegan (and where our vegan customers have indicated that labelling is unnecessary). Examples include plain waters, unseasoned flours, plain fruit and veg. The position of the logo on packs may differ from product to product due to different pack formats and the presence of other key customer messages."

Animal Aid is convinced the above 'clarification' by Sainsbury's clearly illustrates the power of consumer action. As one of the largest supermarket chains in the country, Sainsbury's would have taken a huge step backwards by removing its vegetarian and vegan labelling. This is especially so since an increasing number of people are turning to a non-animal based diet. Many supermarkets and companies have started to print 'suitable for vegans' on their goods and Animal Aid is pleased that Sainsbury's will remain one of these. The extent of labelling, along with the provision of vegetarian and vegan products, is one of the points that will be addressed in our soon-to-be-published report on Britain's most veggie-friendly supermarkets.

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