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Go Vegan, Fight Climate Change!

Posted 2 November 2006
Go vegan - fight climate change

Climate change is a hot topic! Everyone is talking about it. Each day, the papers feature new ways we can all reduce our ecological footprint, from turning off appliances to buying locally produced food. However, no one has yet mentioned the single most effective thing any individual can do to combat climate change and that is to go vegan!

Switching to a vegan diet would have a greater impact on an individual’s carbon footprint than buying an eco-friendly car. This is because animal farming uses more land, energy and water than plant-based agriculture. Just consider the following three facts:

  1. The main source of methane - one of the major greenhouse gases - is farmed animals and there are now three times as many farmed animals as people on this planet.
  2. Farm supplies, animal feed and farmed animals are transported great distances, producing carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide.
  3. Heat and electricity used by slaughterhouses and farms further increases energy demand - currently met by carbon emitting power stations.

Plant-based agriculture is far more efficient. It uses less than a quarter of the land required for a meat-based diet as the crops are fed directly to humans and, therefore, uses fewer resources. For example, the most water-intensive plant crop, soya, uses 2,000 litres of water per kg of food produced, compared to beef, which requires 100,000 litres per kg.

The vegan diet, therefore, has a much smaller carbon footprint. The reasons above, plus more are presented in Animal Aid’s new leaflet 'Go Vegan: Fight Climate Change!'. Contact the office to order some for stalls, door dropping and demos.

March for Global Climate Justice - 4th November

London based group, Vegan Campaigns, are asking anyone interested in highlighting the links between animal farming and climate change to join them on the protest and help hand out leaflets. They will be meeting outside the main entrance to Selfridges Department Store, 400 Oxford Street, W1, at 12 noon and will then go on to the rally at Trafalgar Square. For more information see

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