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How veggie-friendly are supermarkets?

Posted 6 August 2006

Animal Aid is launching an important initiative as part of our vegetarian campaign. A key to spreading the veggie message and lifestyle is having easy access to non-animal foods, whether it's at home, school or in hospital.

Animal Aid has worked hard in opening up new fronts and encouraging such institutions to provide and improve their vegetarian and vegan options. We are now turning our attention to supermarkets and would like to find out how veggie-friendly Britain's supermarkets really are. We will announce both the winner and name - and hopefully shame - those who need some encouragement.

We feel confident that this initiative will attract media and public attention. With the size of the vegetarian food market growing rapidly it will also provide positive feedback to the supermarkets and, of course, provide benefits for the veggie consumers!


Next time you're shopping, whether it's at your local supermarket or whilst on holiday, please take the form with you and complete it as you shop. By taking part in this important nationwide survey, you will be helping to improve the availability of vegetarian food. We would like to have all questionnaires completed and returned to us by October 20th, but the sooner the better, so that we can process them and follow up with our own supporting research.

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