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Posted 17 October 2002
Veggie Month


Animal Aid is launching the first major national survey of vegetarian parents for Veggie Month 2003.

The results will be published in March to establish:

  • Whether veggie parents are bringing their kids up veggie and why
  • Whether veggie parents receive appropriate advice from professionals
  • Whether veggie parents or children are pressurised by relatives, friends or colleagues to include meat in their diet

Veggie Month is Animal Aid's annual initiative to promote the benefits of being vegetarian. It is supported by schools, health food shops, libraries, health centres and restaurants across the UK. The 2002 campaign also included a major survey, which revealed that more than 25% of veggie kids are not catered for properly in schools. This has resulted in an important clarification of government guidelines. Pop idol judge Simon Cowell and children's TV presenter Kirsten O'Brien lent their support to Veggie Month by taking the Veggie Pledge and going veggie for a week.

Says Animal Aid campaigner Becky Smith:

"Veggie Month 2003 will be all about the experiences of British vegetarians who have children. Some vegetarians regard their diet as purely a personal choice, whilst others are appalled at the thought of their children eating meat. We want to hear what parents think!"

The Vegetarian Parents' Questionnaire contains a few simple questions and can be filled in by anyone who is vegetarian and a parent. Readers who wish to participate should write to Animal Aid, The Old Chapel, Bradford St, Tonbridge TN9 1AW, call 01732 354 032, or fill in the online form on our website,

Notes to Editors

  • More information from Becky Smith or Andrew Tyler on 01732 364546 .
  • We have an ISDN line for broadcast-quality radio interviews.
  • See also Veggie Month campaign.

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