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Posted 1 September 2001

Verona re-Bow and Jonathan Dune, $12.

For all those worried whether they are doing the right thing by making a 'carnivore' eat a veggie diet, Vegetarian Dogs is a useful and inspiring short book (it will take only an hour or two to read) on bringing up healthy dogs with vim, vigour and gleaming coats on such a diet.

There is a basic recipe with alternatives and extras that anyone should be able to master. It also carries information on vitamins and minerals, should you choose not to feed your dog wheatgerm - which seems to be the 'superfood' in a dog's meal. The authors have been punctilious in their data on nutritional requirements, giving appropriate references. It is worth repeating that while this is home cooking for your dog, the recipes are simple, and the ingredients easily obtained and quick to prepare.

It is interesting and apposite - after the recent expose in the Sunday Express of the horrific experiments done on animals for pet food by Proctor and Gamble - that Verona re-Bow and Jonathan Dune have, over the years, conducted their optimum feeding regimes on rescued and loved family animal companions in a way that helps the 'research' animals involved to live full and healthy lives. Their quote from the (American) National Research Council is worth remembering:

'Dogs require specific nutrients, not specific feed stuffs.'

The whole ethos of the book is to care for all animals in a cruelty-free way and there are delightful drawings and paintings of the dogs rescued, with poignant pocket histories. It is a book to have for reference and to give confidence to those who wish to break the cycle of abuse, and provide a vegan diet for animals usually fed either on the waste from slaughterhouses (albeit dolled up in tins and sachets); or food condemned as unfit for human consumption.

I shall be trying out the recipes as a lunch-time meal for my rescue dogs. For their dinner, I shall carry on giving them a helping each of whatever vegan meal I make for my human family. My dogs take such pleasure from the variety and content of these meals that I would not wish to deprive them.

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