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Australian slaughterhouse faces closure due to hidden-camera footage

Posted 9 February 2012

An Australian slaughterhouse has been forced to stop the killing line and faces closure and prosecution after hidden-camera footage of chilling animal cruelty emerged. The New South Wales Food Authority ordered the immediate halt yesterday to slaughter at the Hawkesbury Valley Meat Processors at Wilberforce in Sydney after seeing undercover footage at the abattoir.

The footage shows: sheep being hung up and skinned while apparently still conscious; a man repeatedly beating live pigs over the head with a metal bar; repeated and apparently illegal use of electrical prods to move animals around the slaughterhouse; and, in one instance, a goat who tried to escape was caught and smashed against a wall.

'This is hideous cruelty and in fact is torture,' said Emma Hurst of Animal Liberation, which obtained the footage with the help of a worker. 'We need the government to start the push for mandatory CCTV cameras in every sector of these places to stop this happening again.'

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