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Cheale Meats: 'Cruel and Unhygienic'

Posted 9 September 2011

The Essex slaughterhouse where workers were filmed burning pigs with cigarettes, and punching, kicking, and beating them in the face, has also been reported for its poor hygiene standards.

The abuse of animals was revealed in a shocking undercover film taken at Cheale Meat Ltd (also known as Elmkirk Ltd) in March and April this year. It caused outrage when the exposé was featured in the national media. Public condemnation of the slaughterhouse itself and of the government for refusing to prosecute was swift and unequivocal.

Now Animal Aid has also reported the company for its poor hygiene standards. Workers on the film were seen urinating, smoking, coughing up and spitting around the pigs. One man deliberately spat into pigs’ faces several times. This is not the first time that Cheale Meats has been investigated over its hygiene standards and the company is currently being prosecuted for breaches of hygiene regulations relating to temperature control of meat.

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