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Campaign victories! Morrisons and Marks and Spencer say Yes to CCTV cameras in slaughterhouses!

Posted 30 November 2010

Thank you so much if you have given a donation and/or sent off postcards to supermarkets, to support Animal Aid’s campaign to have CCTV cameras installed in all slaughterhouses. The campaign has already had two massive victories. First Morrisons said Yes, and now Marks and Spencer have said Yes, too.

Importantly, both companies have also promised to allow independent monitoring of the footage. Proper monitoring and enforcement are crucial and we will be seeking discussions with the supermarkets and bodies such as the Food Standards Agency in order to ensure that the cameras are used to their very best effect.

Of course, farmed animals will still suffer, and Animal Aid will continue to promote a cruelty-free vegan diet as the only way to stop that completely, but if we can now stop the appalling brutality revealed by our undercover filming, then we have a duty to do so. The Morrisons and Marks and Spencer victories show that this is a winnable campaign that will make a real difference for millions of animals each year.

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