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FAREWELL TO ARMS - Vinnie Jones loses gun licence

Posted 1 December 2003
Cutting from the Daily Telegraph

The following extract is from the Daily Telegraph, Saturday December 20, 2003. See also our letter to the firearms licensing authority and press release.

There are few keener shots than Vinnie Jones, so no one will be more upset to hear that his days with his beloved 12-bore seem numbered.

For Spy can reveal that on Monday Hertfordshire police will officially serve the former footballer with paper to revoke his gun licence.

"Hertfordshire Constabulary is in the process of revoking the firearms licence of Mr Vincent Jones," says a spokesman for the force. "He has been notified verbally and will have 21 days to appeal. Once his licence is revoked, Mr Jones will have his guns removed from his possession."

Jones's misfortune is a particular triumph for the animal rights group, Animal Aid, which earlier this week wrote to Hertfordshire police, making various allegations and calling for his licence to be revoked.

Yesterday, Spy contacted Jones to see how the one-time Wimbledon FC hardman had taken the news. "Vinnie is aware that his licence will be removed, but has no further comment to make at this stage," said a spokesman.


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