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Shooting Times covers campaign - Extract from the Shooting Times, October 7, 2004

Posted 1 October 2004
Fowl Play, and the coverage in the Shooting Times

"Shooting will be next" has been the battle cry of pro-hunting groups for many years and last week animal rights group Animal Aid (AA) announced that its campaign against "sport shooting" has begun in earnest now the ban on hunting looks likely.

In a press release issued last week the group declared its blatant intent: After the hunting ban comes a call to end the breeding of pheasants for "sport shooting". The group called for a ban on rearing birds for shooting using Holland's example as justification for such measures: In Holland, rearing birds so that they can be shot down for pleasure was first curbed in 1986 and outlawed entirely in 2002. The action was taken because the practice was judged to be morally and environmentally unsupportable.

Charles Nodder, spokesman for the Game Farmers' Association, commented on the attack: "The AA material is full of inaccuracies, but confirms its ability to produce visually powerful material. It follows its recent attack on rearing within parliament's Environment, Food and Rural Affairs committee. Its major mistake this time was to launch its attack on the day of Tony Blair's speech to the Labour Party conference - so press coverage was minimal. Sooner or later more of this propaganda is going to reach the light of day. The shooting industry's best safeguard against such attacks is to follow codes of practice to the letter."

In recent years AA has attacked shooting at the start of each season. Equally, the RSPCA is opposed to certain rearing practices as is the League Against Cruel Sports. One shooting industry insider warned ST: "These groups are all lining up and the assault will be incredible. Many don't actually think this is happening. It is."

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