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Keep gun magazines away from children!

Posted 14 September 2012

National Anti-Shooting Week 2012 takes to the high street – and we need your help!

National Anti-Shooting Week 2012 runs from 24-30 September. This year we are targeting newsagents that sell gun magazines – such as WHSmith – to persuade them to move such publications to the ‘top shelf’ and to impose an over-18 age limit on their purchase.

Publications such as Shooting Times, Sporting Gun and Sporting Rifle, encourage and even celebrate the killing of animals for ‘sport’ and serve as front-line propagandists for the shooting lobby’s drive to encourage more children to take up this ‘sport’. Shooters are featured posing boastfully alongside animals they have just slaughtered. Grinning young children are shown holding up or standing over shot pheasants, rabbits, foxes and pigeons.

A brand new public opinion poll, commissioned by Animal Aid, shows that the vast majority of people want these magazines consigned to newsagents’ top shelves alongside pornography, and favour a ban on their sales to the under-18s.

The campaign has already stirred up considerable media interest, and we think the initiative is an excellent way to bring to people’s attention the mass-production of some 50 million pheasants and partridges each year, who are used as feathered targets for shooters.

Please order leaflets, to distribute outside your nearest WHSmith and, if you can, take a photo of your leafleting session (with the WHSmith sign in the background) and send it to us!

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