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Ask your MP to Sign EDM Against Battery Cages for Breeding 'Game Birds'

Posted 4 August 2010

Please ask your MP to support Adrian Sanders’ Early Day Motion (EDM 224) against using battery cages for ‘game birds’ who are kept for breeding purposes.

The Coalition Government’s Hunting and Shooting Minister, Jim Paice, has withdrawn a Code of Practice for game bird production that would have outlawed battery cages for breeding pheasants, and replaced it with one that will effectively allow the cages to stay – albeit in their so-called ‘enriched’ form.

The enriched cages do nothing to improve the miserable and bleak existence of the incarcerated birds. Typically, the cages have a green plastic ‘curtain’ set towards the back of the cage for ‘privacy’ and a piece of dowel suspended on two bricks for perching. Animal Aid has several times filmed the ‘enriched’ version and we can report that they are just as bleak and oppressive as the barren cage.

Jim Paice laid the new Code before Parliament on 22 July, so it is imperative to mobilise the support of compassionate MPs as soon as possible.

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