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Shocking conditions of factory-farmed pheasants exposed to MPs and the public in new online film

Posted 10 March 2005
Factory farmed pheasants Pheasant with face mask

Animal Aid has sent a briefing pack to hundreds of sympathetic MPs, presenting the ugly truth of the pheasant rearing and shooting industry. The initial response has been very encouraging.

The pack included a 5-minute film - which will be publicly launched on the Animal Aid website tomorrow (11/03/05). Footage shot by the national campaign group's undercover investigators shows appalling conditions in Britain's 'game' farms, and an apparent disregard for the birds' welfare by sport shooters.

Particularly shocking are the increasingly common intensive breeding units. Animal Aid presented evidence of these systems to the British Association for Shooting and Conservation, and - in an unprecedented move - the leading pro-bird shooting lobby group publicly condemned all such units. Animal Aid's online film shows breeding birds at one of these farms imprisoned in small metal battery cages that are open to the elements. Stressed males and females are kept in close confinement and resort routinely to bird-on-bird aggression - as evidenced by widespread pecking injuries.

Says Animal Aid Director Andrew Tyler:

"Encouraged by the success of the fox-hunting ban, we will continue to alert supportive MPs of the cruelty inherent in the pheasant shooting industry."

Notes to Editors

  • An estimated 35 million pheasants are bred for sport shooting every year.
  • Animal Aid is calling for a ban on the commercial breeding of birds for sport shooting.
  • For background information see our pheasant index.
  • Further information: Andrew Tyler 01732 364546.
  • We have an ISDN line for broadcast quality interviews.

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