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Focus pet sales victory!

Posted 1 May 2005
The confirmation letter from Focus

Following a 3-year campaign by Animal Aid, Focus Do It All stores have ceased selling animals.

The corporation first promised to wind down its pet departments in July 2003 and two years later, we have finally received official confirmation that the phase out is complete!

The confirmation letter pictured above was sent to Animal Aid by Focus' Corporate PR Manager on 25 April 2005 and reads:

"I can confirm that livestock sales ceased on the 10th September 2004."

Animal Aid is opposed to the purpose-breeding of animals to supply the pet trade, and to selling them through any outlet, be it pet shop or other store, newspaper ad or local bird/fish/reptile fair. Selling animals in DIY shops encourages impulse buying, the consequence of which is that animals are often neglected and/or abandoned when the novelty has worn off or the new arrival becomes too difficult, expensive or time-consuming to look after properly.

A big thank you to everyone who supported our campaign by letting Focus Do It All know they should stick to paint, not pets, and to our network of dedicated local campaigners for coordinating protests outside stores around the country.

And on behalf of the animals, a big thank you, of course, to Focus.

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