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National Cage & Aviary Exhibition is declared illegal

Posted 7 September 2004
Parrot on sale at Britain's largest bird market

Animal Aid have today learned of Warwick District Council's admission that the National Cage & Aviary Birds Exhibition, proposed to take place on 4th and 5th December at Stoneleigh Park would, in fact, be illegal. This turnaround of opinion came as a direct result of a pending judicial review, initiated by local resident, Aileen Vania.

The Pet Animals Act 1951 prohibits the commercial sale of pet animals in public places and Warwick District Council has advised the organisers, IPC Media, as well as Stoneleigh Park, that they will put themselves at risk of prosecution should the event proceed.

The National Cage & Aviary Birds Exhibition has, in recent years, been staged at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. Dubbed a 'giant jumble sale of birds', the event was licensed to sell up to 100,000 birds. An expert ornithologist estimated that around half of the birds would have been captured from the wild.

Cockatoo on sale at last year's event

The annual event has been condemned by numerous animal protection organisations, with Animal Aid mounting a vigorous campaign against the event for several years. An investigation at last year's event documented serious animal welfare violations, with some large birds crammed into cages too small to allow them to spread their wings and others in cages stacked so haphazardly they frequently fell to the ground.

Animal Aid spokesperson, Toni Vernelli, said:

"We are pleased that the Council is now admitting this event is illegal and expect them to take active steps to prevent it from taking place. We are also calling on Stoneleigh Park to cancel this illegal event. If they fail to do so, the Council will be obliged to prosecute."

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