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Garden Centres should sell plants, not pets!

Posted 3 April 2007

Saturday 7th April is the start of National Pet Month. To mark this event – and following a victory against Wyevale Garden Centre, which announced that it would stop selling animals in 2006 – Animal Aid is encouraging its supporters to organise a Day of Action over the Easter weekend against other pet-selling garden centres.

Selling in a garden centre environment encourages impulse purchases. People see ‘cute’ animals and buy them on the spur of the moment, with very little consideration given to the long-term needs of the animals, or the long-term responsibility that caring for an animal brings. One of the aims of National Pet Month is to promote responsible pet ownership, but when animals are bought on impulse that responsibility often becomes a burden. The novelty of the new arrival soon wears off when it is recognised that he or she requires constant cleaning, attention and potentially expensive veterinary care. Unfortunately, this frequently results in neglect, with animals forced to live in dirty or cramped conditions, often with no company of their own kind or even a comforting human presence.

Some of these unwanted animals end up at rescue centres, where there are thousands more already in need of good homes. But whilst abandoned animals are languishing in sanctuaries, venues such as garden centres continue to sell animals that have been purpose-bred for the pet trade. Ending the sale of live animals would not mean the closure of their pet departments, as they could continue to sell food and accessories. Rather than contributing to the cycle of animals being bred, bought and abandoned, garden centres should encourage people to adopt a companion animal from a local rescue centre.

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If you would like to organise a Day of Action against your local pet-selling garden centre please get in touch with Kelly in Campaigns who can send you all the resources you need. Alternatively, you might like to door-drop our pet leaflet in your local neighbourhood.

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