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Another Victory for the Animals!

Posted 13 October 2006

Exactly two years after Animal Aid played a central role in getting Britain’s largest bird market banned, DEFRA has announced that new measures to stop the commercial sale of animals at all pet fairs will be introduced under the Animal Welfare Bill.

Animal Aid, along with other animal protection groups, has been lobbying the government for several years to include in the Bill a formal ban on pet fairs. In fact, these fairs are already illegal but the government’s failure to make clear this fact has allowed ‘rogue councils’ to permit them to take place. So we are absolutely delighted by this new government announcement and give special credit to the Animal Protection Agency, Captive Animals Protection Society, BirdsFirst and the BioVeterinary Group.

The news is especially uplifting given that DEFRA had previously insisted that it would use the new Bill to legalise pet fairs.

The new legislation will save many animals from the terrible stresses involved in being transported around the country and crammed into tiny cages whilst on display until they are sold or dead. While commercial sales of animals will be banned, there will be exemptions in the cases of koi carp, racing pigeons and poultry. These will need to be licensed by the local authority.

Animal Aid would like to thank all of our supporters who contacted their MPs and helped to bring about this important piece of legislation. It marks yet one more victory for the campaign against the pet industry and those who profit from the import of wild-caught species.

If the Animal Welfare Bill receives Royal Assent before the end of this Parliamentary session it will begin to be brought into force from April 2007.

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